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Base Coat Beauty is a full service Beauty Studio in the heart of Downtown Kelowna. 


BCB is a stunning loft style studio that brings a homey, yet professional vibe for Clients to enjoy.


We're all about enhancing your natural features while bringing you quality services and experience with every visit.


                                             We Hope to see you soon :)


- W A X I N G -

- L A S H  &  B R O W  T I N T I N G  -

- S H E L L A C   M A N I C U R E ' S   -

- H E N N A  B R O W S  -

- Y U M I   L A S H   L I F T S   -










Yumi Lash Lift and Tint


YUMI™ is a unique technique designed to boost and lift your natural lashes from the root up without having to resort to false extensions! Giving your natural lashes a fuller, longer, curly look while keeping them intact. While it is easy to control, it requires great precision, skill and hygiene. Each treatment is  personalized to each client depending on the thickness, length and colour of your lashes.
There is

 NO Harsh Chemicals

NO Growth Serums

NO Lash Extensions

NOT A Perm

NO Restrictions

NO Maintenance


This service takes about 45 min to 1 hour start to finish. 


A water soluble, sugar based adhesive is used to secure our silicone pads to your eyelids in order to form and lift your lashes to their desired look. Once your lashes have been meticulously placed and adhered to the silicone pads, we then apply our signature YUMI™ Lift and Fix serums to curl and set your lashes in place. Tint is then applied to complete the look, giving your lashes depth and length. To complete your treatment with a double dose of conditioning, using our YUMI™ Nourishing Oil as well as our YUMI™ Keratin Mascara Serum (daily use recommended), which is all left to saturate your lashes for 24-48hrs! 


Included within the procedure is a Keratin treatment to help repair and restore the natural lash, resulting in longer, thicker and healthier lashes with regular treatments!

Beautiful lashes for a beautiful soul 🦋

Beautiful lashes for a beautiful soul 🦋

Dreamy lash lifts

Dreamy lash lifts

Baby got lashes 🙌🏼

Baby got lashes 🙌🏼

A F T E R   C A R E   24-48 H O U R S 


During the first 24-48hrs after your appointment, it is important to let your lift and curl set to ensure optimal results and longevity!


D U R I N G   T H I S   T I M E     


DO NOT get your lashes wet or rub your eyes

        DO NOT apply cream or makeup around your eyes

          DO NOT  go swimming, get a facial or take a sauna

DO NOT wear mascara

There are no restrictions or limitations, you can live your life! The Integrity of your lashes will improve overtime with up keep of this service and ditching the use of a lash curler. It is highly recommended to invest in a take home  YUMI™ Keratin Mascara Serum or a lash serum to ensure optimal results and to help repair and restore the natural lash resulting in longer*, thicker* and healthier lashes.

* results will vary, not a ‘growth serum’ in any way.



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